"Cyrus [Cassells] is an excellent poet (duh) and an excellent teacher. He gave us all so much to do each day--and so much to do for many, many days and weeks and years--that the class is really more than a week; it's a life-time of new, interesting, and exciting ways to try to improve our own writing, particularly landscape writing."

"I just wanted to echo my own deep appreciation for the experience of this workshop. I've been part of a number of workshops over time, but I can honestly say I have never been given the opportunity to learn as much, or work as intensely, as I've experienced here – in ONLY 4-5 days! Wow. And special thanks to you, Carolyn [Forché], who are not only a truly great poet, but also a real teacher! I will look forward to another class with you in the future. I, like the rest of us most likely, have felt pushed out of my comfort zone with each assignment and have found that thrilling--not the scary thing I so often feel."

"[Online workshops are a great option for me.] I completed my MFA in 2009 and haven't engaged in a workshop setting since. I was really impressed by the variety of poetry workshops you're offering, as well as the expertise of the instructors."

"It's been my great fortune to work with you [Carolyn Forché] this past week. I'd heard great things about you from my fellow students at Sarah Lawrence, so when I saw you were teaching this class, I jumped, and was so glad to be accepted. Your friendly tone, starting with your first email, made it feel safe to plunge in. As well, your comments and suggestions will stay with me like the guide of an angel. Really, I can't thank you enough."

"The workshop with Ann [Hood] was wonderful! All the participants took their jobs seriously in providing constructive criticism and they were all very supportive. It was great to get Ann's feedback on my work. I think she treated us as peers and I appreciate that so much. It really made me take a close look at my writing. I am going to miss this group!"

"The class was fantastic! Ann [Hood] is a wonderful teacher - kind, but tough. I've actually taken a fiction class from her, which was also wonderful. This is my first nonfiction class to take anywhere - I learned so much. I'd never even heard of the objective correlative before. Great writers here, too and great editors. All in all, a wonderful experience. I hope to take another class in the spring."

"I have participated in workshops at FAWC in the past. Top-notch instructors and environment, but I live far away so the ability to have access to same top instructors, but not have to travel, is very advantageous."

"I've always loved and been moved by Forché. I've enjoyed, and greatly valued online workshop opportunities - especially since moving to a far-flung location here in the Pacific Northwest. I work full-time, and have three little kiddos, and I'm not able to do lots of extensive travel at the moment, but love having this remarkable online opportunity."

"I am currently taking a leave of absence from work to help take care of my sick father. This course was of special interest because I am looking for ways into writing about this experience."

"I have been taking an online course since June and it has really gotten me back into writing. I like the weekly deadlines, the discussions with classmates, the feedback from the professor, and the exercises that help stimulate ideas for me. I am a high school teacher so having to go out to another school at night to take a class would be a bit much. Being able to complete one online is great!"

"I like the flexibility of an online course, especially since I often work second and third shifts."

"I'm a single-mother who can't travel right now. I'm also post-MFA. I don't want to lose the fervor I had as a graduate student."

"Many things have impressed me about the students in my 24PearlStreet courses, but I am particularly struck by the good will and generosity they have offered each other. My role in these courses is to teach them something of what I know about making poems, but I think the exchange that they have – as readers and writers – is genuine, kind, critically acute. The online format precludes being able to read the mood of the room based on those human and bodily cues teachers have to read, but that absence also frees both the participant and the teacher from that as well. The result is – in my experience – a clear exchange of reader and writer that has the text as the center of the conversation." MARK WUNDERLICH

"I had fun! They were a talented lot and enthusiastic. And the writing definitely improved, which made me really happy!" ANN HOOD

"The blog strategy helps make it personal, and almost intimate, although the published look also helps make the exchanges look formal and considered. The real, though not taxing, effort of referencing topics that apply to multiple students, through the blog, helps make the work appear deliberate and direct for everybody. Participants' replies to blog queries helps keep the round going, and helps keep participants engaged, while individual assignments can be done and submitted privately through email. I think the blog was or is the most revolutionary aspect of 24PearlStreet, personally. It looks good, the storefront is open around the clock, and the writer's voice comes through the communiqués." AJ VERDELLE

"I was delighted by the passion and caliber of my students at FAWC. Week after week, I read striking, intriguing student essays and engaged in great, meaningful dialogue about them. I'm so proud and pleased to be a part of this community." ROBIN ROMM

"I was really impressed with this group. They are all fantastic writers! I feel very lucky. I learned a lot and felt really connected to these students." SARAH MESSER

"24PearlStreet affords aspiring, emerging and experienced writers alike the opportunity to grow and sustain their craft in an environment largely free of geographical and chronological constraints. There is as much of an active, engaged community here as you will find in physical workshops, but we let you eat breakfast in your pajamas during class." CHARLES MCLEOD