The Fine Arts Work Center invites you to give a gift of a scholarship for a summer workshop in creative writing or visual arts. Your generous donation will make it possible for a writer or artist to attend a workshop who otherwise would not have the funds to do so - providing them the possibility of a life-transforming experience.

This comic memoir workshop was hands down one of the most inspiring creative experiences of my life. Summer Student 2016

Scholarships are crucial to increasing the diversity and vibrancy of our student population, attracting younger students and fostering a wider range of dialogue and creative outcomes.

Participating in a diverse community at FAWC was thrilling. As a writer of color it made a huge difference that there was an effort made to create a wider representation of culture, heritage, gender & politic. It was such a gift. Scholarship Recipient 2016

Our Summer Program offers nearly 90 workshops in creative writing and visual arts taught by some of the most renowned writers and artists of our time. Located in Provincetown, the nation's oldest, continuous art colony, we honor this distinction by cultivating a truly welcoming artistic community amongst our students, faculty, staff and interns.

It takes a village to raise an artist and many artists to raise a village. I can't help but feel like I've found my village!  Scholarship Recipient 2016

Give a scholarship today and help encourage someone's creative spirit. A $650 donation funds a full-tuition scholarship for a summer workshop in writing or visual arts. We thank you for your donation and so do our scholarship recipients.

The Fine Arts Work Center is far more than a place to take a class. It is a sacred center of learning, of creating, of unfolding into the possibility of who we are as artists. I am eternally grateful.  Scholarship Recipient 2016


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$650   provides one full-tuition scholarship for a workshop in creative writing or visual arts
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A full-tuition scholarship of $650 may be made in your name and/or may support the demographic of your choice, for example: artists and writers under 30, writers and artists of color, LGBTQ artists and writers, Cape Cod residents. You may also specify the workshop genre or medium, such as poetry, painting, memoir, printmaking, etc.

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Contributions to the Fine Arts Work Center, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, are tax-deductible as allowed under applicable law.

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